Friday, February 2, 2024

New Blog Location!

So - we're not done writing and sharing.  Not by a long shot!  Instead, we're looking to make some changes for the better. After over ten years of posts at this site, I am moving the Genuine Faux Farm blog!

You have three opportunities to subscribe.  

1. The Genuine Faux Farm blog on Substack.

2. The Postal History Sunday blog on Substack

3. My writings under Rob Faux | Genuine Faux Farm on Medium.

In each case, you can subscribe so you receive new articles in your email inbox each time a new article is released.

On Substack, you can subscribe for free, but you will be asked if you will make a pledge for a paid subscription.  If you wish to have a free subscription, select $0 for your pledge amount.  You may, of course, make a pledge amount if you feel inclined.  If there seems to be interest in that, I may turn on the paid subscription option - but there will always be the opportunity to subscribe for free, even if I do that.

Medium, on the other hand, will not charge for a subscription to my writings, but they will ask you to join Medium with a paid subscription.  This is not necessary to access my work, but you may certainly opt to take a subscription if you like the service you see there.

What's on each blog?

The Genuine Faux Farm blog on Substack

This blog will be most like what I have produced on the Genuinely Faux blog (on Blogger/Blogspot) since 2008.  In fact, I have been moving the previous content over to Substack so you can access older posts on the new site's archive.  The only difference is that I will not be putting Postal History Sunday material in this blog.  

The Postal History Sunday blog on Substack

The weekly article where I share a hobby I enjoy is being given it's own home.  This will allow individuals who are only interested in PHS and not the farm writings a place to go.  However, if you are interested in both, you can certainly subscribe to both.

Writings on Medium

I am trying the Medium writing community for some of the more developed writings I produce.  For example, I will be sharing the PAN blogs I write on Medium (and sometimes on Substack).  Some of the better Postal History Sundays or Walk There Agains may also show up.  I anticipate an average of four to six blogs on Medium per month.  And, yes, there may be some cross-posting between Medium and Substack.

Why subscribe?

I will give you one reason for you and one reason for me.

If you subscribe to any or all of these three choices, you will receive new articles in your email inbox.  You don't have to remember the web address for the blogs.  You don't have to open up any other software.  You don't have to rely on unreliable social media to show you posts from me that tell you I have something new out there to read.

And, the advantage for me is that I get a little feedback and encouragement to keep writing and sharing that writing with you.  If there are ten, twenty, fifty or one hundred of you subscribed to a particular blog, then I know at least that many people will truly be given the opportunity to choose to read each article if they wish. 

As always, I thank you for considering my words and thoughts.  Have a fine remainder of your day!

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