Monday, January 3, 2022

US to Switzerland 1935 Parks Issue

Return Address:  

   A.J. Willis, 707 N. West Avenue, Jackson, Michigan, USA

This address is now a vacant lot that is near a parking lot on the corner.

Address Panel:

   Mr. Willi Gubler,  Schwalmenackerstrasse 16, Winterthur, Switzerland

Number 16 Schwalmenacker Street is still a residential home that is very close to the rail line that leaves Winterthur to the East. 

Postal Markings:

  • Jackson, Mich.   Apr 11 1935   5:30 AM  (twice, once on postage stamp) 
  • football obliterator with "1"

 Postage Paid:

    5 cents - Old Faithful 5 cent denomination from US National Parks Issue of 1934

Postage Rate:

    UPU Surface Letter Rate from US to Switzerland

        5 cents for the first 20 grams of weight - effective Oct 1, 1907 to Oct 31, 1953


    No additional markings, so there is no information to help identify a route.  Most likely via New York Harbour.

     There were four different plates used to print the Yellowstone Park design, 21278, 21279, 21280, 21281.  Further information can be found from this display page from the collection of Alvin Hall, formerly Director (1924 - 1954) of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (who were responsible for the printing of these stamps).






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